Obstacles in Common Passageways By-law

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By-law No. 23 was passed by the Board of Directors on June 22, 1999
By-law No. 23 was passed by the General Membership on July 25, 1999

In order to be in compliance with Provincial and Toronto Fire Codes, members of the On-Call Committee or staff of Windmill Line or individuals authorized by the Board of Directors, may remove obstacles not in immediate use from common hallways, stairwells and outside 5th and 8th floor landings and staircases to a designated locked room. The item(s) may be retrieved during office hours. Obstacles include, but are not limited, bicycles, baby strollers, shopping carts and children's carts. This By-law does not refer to items currently stored in planters.

In the event that an item is removed, a small notice will be posted outlining the process for retrieval.