Garage & Parking Space Rental Policy

Approved by the Board of Directors on April 6, 2009
Approved by the General Membership on April 29, 2009

This policy replaces the “Parking Policies” and “Restrictions on Parking Garage and Entrance” sections of the previous House Rules, which were last revised by the membership on February 20, 1997


0.1    This policy sets out rules for the use of the garage and entrance, and the rental of parking spaces at Windmill Line Co-operative (“the Co-op”).

0.2    In this policy, “Household” means members, their children and long-term guests who live in the same unit. “Board” means the Board of Directors of the Co-op, and “Staff” means employees of the Co-op.        

0.3    This policy applies to all members under 15.3(c) of the Co-op’s Organizational Bylaw. The bylaw explains how this policy can be changed. This policy also applies to non-members who rent parking spaces from the Co-op (example: non-residents). All renters must agree to follow this policy when they sign a parking space rental agreement with the Co-op.

0.4    All previous policies, whether they were called “House Rules” or something else, that cover the same things as this policy, are revoked and replaced by this policy.

0.5    Rental fees for parking spaces are set in the Co-op’s operating budget. 


1.1    No vehicle is allowed to block or sit unattended in the garage’s ramp, entrance, lanes or no-parking zones. Vehicles can be towed from any of these areas, and from parking spaces they do not have permission to use. Vehicles are only allowed to park in a parking space specified by a written agreement with the Co-op.

1.2    No one is allowed to keep engines idling in the garage more than 3 minutes in a given hour.

1.3   Members must not do mechanical repairs on any vehicles in the garage.

1.4    All materials, including vehicles, must be removed on one week’s notice for the annual cleaning of the garage, and on two days’ notice for repairs or other work in the garage. Anything left can be removed by the Co-op as specified by the Co-op’s House Rules policy. 


2.1    The Co-op can rent parking spaces by the day, weekend, week or month. It can rent parking spaces in portions for use by small vehicles; each portion counts as a parking space for the purpose of this policy.

2.2   Subletting parking spaces that are rented from the Co-op is not allowed.

2.3    The Co-op is not responsible for loss or damage of any vehicles or other items in the Co-op’s parking spaces.

2.4    Each rental agreement gives permission to park in specific numbered spaces only. Vehicles parked in spaces for which they do not have permission can be towed. The Co-op can require renters to change parking spaces to accommodate Households that include people with disabilities who require accommodation for parking.

2.5    When assigning parking spaces to a Household that includes people with disabilities who require accommodation for parking, the Co-op must provide parking spaces that take into consideration the accommodation required (examples: distance to the elevators, size of the parking space).

2.6    The Co-op can require renters to provide written information needed to identify vehicles they park on Co-op property and who is responsible for the vehicles. If the Co-op has asked for this information, the renter must inform the Co-op in writing of any changes to it. The Co-op can refuse to rent if the information it has asked for is not provided or is false. If the information is found to be false after the rental agreement is signed, the Co-op can terminate the agreement and have the vehicle removed at the owner's risk and expense.

2.7    Parking spaces are for parking vehicles only and must at all times be kept clear of debris, car parts, oil cans, etc.; Staff can remove items other than vehicles stored there as described in the House Rules policy. Vehicles that do not have current plates or registration stickers, or that are not in working order, can be removed by Staff with 30 days’ notice.

2.8    The Co-op and those who rent its parking spaces must give at least one month’s notice to each other before ending a monthly parking rental agreement.

2.9    When there are no parking spaces available for rental, the Co-op must maintain a waiting list of those applying for parking, and rank them by the following criteria first and then by date and time:

                      1)    Households that include people with disabilities who require accommodation for parking
                      2)    Households that do not currently rent a space
                      3)    Households that already rent one space
                      4)    Car-sharing organizations recognized by the Board of the Co-op
                      5)    Households whose vehicle is not in working order
                      6)    Everyone else.