Windmill Line’s Mission, Vision and Values

WindmillThese statements were approved by the members in 2011 and confirmed in 2016, with an amendment.


Windmill Line Co-operative Homes Inc. provides affordable co-operative housing.


Windmill Line members are committed to the principles of democracy and the non-profit co-operative model. We understand that an interested and engaged membership is essential to our long term success. We strive to have members who:

  • share our values;
  • accept the responsibilities of membership;
  • take pride in their homes;
  • meet their financial obligations to the co-op;
  • participate in the governance of the co-op; and
  • abide by the by-laws and policies of the co-op.

We will operate in a sustainable way, both financially and environmentally. The co-op will prepare a long-term financial plan that ensures ongoing financial viability, while decreasing our carbon footprint through energy savings and “green” purchasing.

We will work towards an accessible living space for all members by removing existing barriers and ensuring all new construction/renovation work is accessible.

The co-op is committed to the values of the Canadian co-operative housing movement, which include continuing to operate as a non-profit co-operative and keeping the housing charges affordable. The co-op will continue to belong to co-op housing sector organizations.

All levels of government should provide support to guarantee affordable housing for all Canadians. In the absence of government support, Windmill Line will continue to keep an internal subsidy pool to maintain the affordability of our housing for our members. In order to fund this pool while improving maintenance, accessibility and services for members, the co-op may need to raise housing charges.


Windmill Line fosters a co-operative community with the following core values:

  • accessibility – to provide a barrier-free living environment for all members
  • affordability – the non-profit model provides lower housing charges than the private sector for all members
  • diversity – a mixed income community including people of all ages, abilities, ethnicities, religions, genders and sexual orientations
  • participation – in a democratic, self-run, self-managed model, every member has equal input to the decision-making process
  • sustainability – to provide long-term environmental and financial health