Air Conditioning Policy

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Approved by the Board of Directors on June 14, 2012
Amended and approved by the General Membership on July 26, 2012
This policy replaces the Air Conditioning Policy approved by the General Membership on January 9, 1986.


Members are responsible for the safe installation, maintenance and operation, and removal of their window air conditioners.

Members are encouraged, if possible, to use portable air conditioners as a way to avoid installation costs, heat loss in winter, dripping, and potential safety hazards associated with window air conditioners.

The co-op will administer this policy in a manner consistent with the Ontario Human Rights Code.

Article 1 Installation

1.1 Members must not remove window panes. They must submit a work order to have the window removed by staff.

1.2 If members have a window air conditioner, they are responsible for ensuring that:

a. They store the removed window pane, or make arrangements with the co-op to store it, so that it can be re-installed.

b. The air conditioner is securely fastened in place to prevent it from falling out of the window.

c. All edges are sealed to eliminate air infiltration.

d. The air conditioner does not overload the electrical circuit.

e. There is no condensate dripping or draining out of the air conditioner. Air
conditioners with evaporative condensation drip pans are recommended. Alternatively,
a drainage tube can be installed to drain condensate into a container inside the unit.
This container must be emptied regularly to avoid overflow and bacterial build-up.

Article 2: Complaints

2.1 If the Co-op receives a written complaint about safety - that is, there is a concern
that the air conditioner is not securely fastened - the GM will notify the member
immediately and, within 24 hours, inspect the air conditioner to determine whether the
complaint is valid and, if so, make the air conditioner safe immediately. This may mean
securing it or removing it from the window. If costs are incurred by the co-op they will
be charged back to the member.

2.2 If the co-op receives a written complaint about an air conditioner that is dripping
condensate, the GM will contact the member and inform him or her that it is the
member’s responsibility to remedy the breach or stop using the air conditioner. If the
dripping continues after one week, a second notice will be sent. If another week goes
by and the member has still not complied or demonstrated that steps are being taken to
comply, the matter will be referred to the Board of Directors as a serious breach of coop

2.3 If the Co-op receives a complaint about an apparent breach of this policy and the
member responds by requesting accommodation on the basis of a documented
disability, the Co-op will explore solutions with the member that will provide the best
outcome for both the member and his or her neighbours. The Co-op will take all
reasonable steps to accommodate requests from members with disabilities by finding
individualized solutions, with the full participation of the member.

Article 3: Moves

3.1 Members who are moving out are responsible for making arrangements with
maintenance staff to have the window pane re-installed when the air conditioner is

3.2 Members who move into a unit and agree to accept a window air conditioner left by
the previous occupant assume responsibility for the air conditioner as described in this