Community Relations Statement

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Approved by the board of directors: April 4, 2017

Approved by the membership: April 30, 2017

As residents of the Windmill Line community, we are each individually responsible for dealing with issues and conflicts that arise with our neighbours. This is not the responsibility of the board, whose primary role is good governance of the co-op, including strategic planning, legal and financial obligations, stewardship, and leadership succession and renewal.

Members of Windmill Line Co-op have approved Mission, Core Values and Vision Statements to provide a framework and direction for the co-operative.

We have also approved the Human Rights By-law to demonstrate our commitment to the provisions of the Human Rights Code of Ontario and provide a mechanism for dealing with issues of discrimination and harassment.

This Community Relations Statement builds on these statements to further define how we interact with each other.

The people at Windmill Line Co-op come from a variety of different backgrounds, and have various needs and talents. We have chosen to live in a democratic community and continue to work toward a caring community which believes in the dignity and value of each person. We live side by side with other members, their children and other residents. The members have put in place reasonable standards of behaviour in our by-laws to guide our community.

We commit ourselves to be a community in which we:

  • Listen to each other and try to understand each other’s point of view
  • Communicate with each other
  • Respect each other
  • Agree to respect individual differences
  • Respect decisions made by the co-op community
  • Welcome and celebrate our differences
  • Agree to act co-operatively in support of a safe co-op environment

Usually everyone follows the rules. We try to be good neighbours. However, conflicts can and do happen; they are a natural part of democratic community living. Sometimes neighbours have differences that need to be resolved. Clear and respectful communication right away, in person or in writing, may keep a small problem from growing into a big one.

Through our membership in the Co-operative Housing Federation of Toronto, members of Windmill Line Co-op have access to the conflict resolution services of St. Stephen’s Community House. Co-op staff have details and contact information, which they will keep up to date.

If a conflict is not resolved after people have used the conflict resolution services of St. Stephen’s, they can write to the General Manager. If the conflict involves a breach of a by-law, the General Manager may refer the matter to the board. Serious breaches of a by-law can lead to eviction.