Our Building

Scadding AvenueWindmill Line Co-op is a ten-storey apartment building with a unique architectural design intended to foster a co-operative spirit.

Our tenth floor is entirely made up of amenity space:

  • co-op management offices
  • rooms of various sizes for co-op and private events, including a child-friendly space for use during meetings
  • outdoor roof deck
  • garden boxes for members

The laundry room is located on the second floor with coin-operated machines at roughly half the cost of public laundry facilities. There is also one level of underground parking in the basement, available for rent on a long-term or short-term basis at reasonable rates.

The co-op was designed and constructed in the early 1980’s, opening in 1983. Visitors to our building are struck by the unique design. Two of our corridors are intended to resemble a streetscape. Each of these hallways is two storeys high and serves three floors of apartments. This creates a pleasing, open appearance. Most of our apartments have stairs, including all the one-bedrooms.

2018 Construction Update

South Podium Presentation (PDF)