Stair Glides Policy

Approved by the Board of Directors on October 6, 2008
Approved by the General Membership on December 2, 2008


Windmill Line Co-operative (Co-op) will attempt to provide electric stair glides in units with stair cases for members who have physical conditions which necessitate the installation of a stair glide.

Article 1:  Funding

The Board of Directors in consultation with the Finance Committee will allocate funds in the operational and capital budgets for the purchase, installation and maintenance of stair glides.  The Board of Directors and the Finance Committee will ensure sufficient funds are allocated annually for the maintenance and replacement costs of stair glides purchased.

Any federal, provincial or municipal funding available to offset the purchase and installation of stair glides in Windmill Line Co-op will be considered offset funding for the Co-op.

Article 2:  Installation and Maintenance

Stair glides will be installed by a qualified technician provided by the vendor.  All necessary electrical and physical alterations required in the members unit for the installation will be provided under the supervision of Co-op staff and by qualified installers. 

The General Manager will ensure a maintenance contract is in place and that maintenance inspections be conducted according to the manufacturer’s recommendations.  Permanent records of installations, repairs, replacements and removal of stair glide units will be maintained in the office.  The General Manager will ensure the Co-op’s insurance company is advised of the installation of any/all stair glides and that Co-op insurance policies, where necessary, are adjusted to include the installations.

Article 3:  Procedures

Members can apply through the office for a stair glide.  Members are required to provide documentation from their physician which states that they have a physical condition which necessitates the installation of a stair glide.  Stair glides may be provided for members or for members’ children less than 16 years of age. (Children of members may apply for membership at age 16.) Long-term guests do not qualify for stair glides.

The General Manager will ensure that when a member has a stair glide installed they receive complete instructions on the proper use and maintenance of the stair glide and safety features prior to activation of the stair glide, and the member will sign a letter of acknowledgement that they have received this information. 

Due to the significantly higher cost of the purchase and installation, members who occupy a unit with a two-part staircase will be asked to consider transferring to a unit with a single staircase.  If the member is willing to relocate, they may apply to the Board of Directors to have moving costs reimbursed.