Common Room Use & Rental Policy

Approved by the Board of Directors on October 20, 2008
Approved by the General Members on December 2, 2008

Rental Request Form Updated April 2017

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1.     General

a.      Co-op members and outside organizations may book the Co-op’s 10th-floor common rooms. Common Room Rental Request Forms are available outside the office.

b.      To book common rooms (for uses other than Co-op business), members must not be in arrears when they request the booking.

c.      To book common rooms, outside organizations must support the spirit of the co-operative principles.

d.      Each common room may be rented to a single Co-op household no more than seven days or evenings in any calendar month. Each common room may be rented to a single outside organization no more than seven days or evenings in any calendar month.

e.      The Co-op accepts bookings up to six months in advance. Renters must request bookings at least 24 hours before the start of the booked time, except for Co-op meetings.

f.        Rentals of the common rooms include use of the roofdeck, except the garden-box area at the roof’s west end.

g.      If more than one renter asks to use the kitchen at the same time, the first renter has the right to the kitchen unless both renters agree to share it.

h.      The sale of alcoholic beverages is strictly prohibited.

i.        Cheques and money orders for rentals are payable to Windmill Line Co-op.

j.         The Co-op is not liable or responsible for any personal injury or loss of property.

k.      If renters do not obey this policy, the Co-op may refuse their booking requests in the future. Staff will inform the renter within seven days after a policy violation.

l.         The Co-op reserves the right to refuse any booking.

m.    If the Co-op refuses a booking request, the person or organization wishing to rent may file an appeal to the board, in writing. The board’s decision is final.

2.        Responsibilities of Renters

a.      By signing the Rental Request Form, the renter agrees to all the terms and conditions in this policy.

b.      Renters are responsible for any damage to the Co-op caused by themselves, their guests, or their children.

c.      Each renter may use the common rooms and roofdeck only during the booked hours, as stated on the Rental Request Form. Renters should include time for set-up and cleanup when completing the Rental Request Form.

d.      The renter must attend the entire event and is responsible for the enforcement of the rules for the booked hours.

e.      The renter must make arrangements with the office to pick up keys/fobs to the rented rooms, and to return the keys/fobs to the office. The Co-op charges a key/fob deposit of $20.00. The Co-op will keep the deposit if renters do not return the keys/fobs within seven days. The Co-op may refuse future booking requests from renters who do not return the keys/fobs.

f.        The renter must clearly instruct guests to buzz only the booked common rooms from the lobby, and not the Co-op office or member units at random.

g.      The renter must keep the doors and windows of each rented room locked whenever no one is in the room during the booked hours. The renter must leave the doors, including kitchen and bathroom doors, and windows locked when everyone leaves.

h.      The renter is responsible for cleaning the rooms and roofdeck after the event, on the same day or evening. The space must be clean and everyone must leave by 1:00 a.m. Renters must leave nothing behind and must put all garbage in the Co-op’s garbage disposal area.

i.        The renter must tell the Co-op office or, after hours, the On-Call service about any urgent maintenance problems during the booked hours. Members also should complete a work order for maintenance issues.

3.     Cleaning/Repair Deposit

a.      The Co-op requires a deposit of $200.00, by cheque or money order, at the time of booking, to cover any cleaning and/or repair costs. The only exceptions are for bookings under sections 4.c and 4.e.

b.      The Co-op holds the deposit until the common rooms have been inspected, using the Common Room Rental Inspection Checklist. If the Co-op must do repair, maintenance or cleaning work, it will use the deposit to pay for the work. Any money left over will be returned to the renter. Staff will inspect common rooms during office hours; on evenings and weekends, volunteer Co-op members will do inspections.

c.      The renter must pay for all cleaning costs and/or damages that are not covered by the $200.00 deposit.

4.     Rental Fees

a.      For-profit organizations must pay a rental fee of $300.00, by certified cheque or money order, at the time of booking.

b.      Non-profit and co-operative sector organizations must pay a rental fee of $90.00, by cheque or money order, at the time of booking.

c.      Members can book rooms for Co-op business without fees or deposits, and without completing a Rental Request Form. Examples are meetings of the general members, board, and committees.

d.      Members can book rooms for commercial events where admissions or fees are charged. The Co-op charges a rental fee of $25.00, or 10% of the proceeds, whichever is greater.

e.      Members may use rooms without fees or deposits, and without completing a Rental Form, for personal reasons not related to earning an income. Staff have discretion to allow these uses when rooms are available. Examples include meeting with a health professional or studying.

f.        Members can book rooms for private social events such as birthday parties. The Co-op does not charge a rental fee. The renter must complete the Rental Request Form and make the cleaning/repair deposit of $200.00.

5.     Rules of Conduct

a.      Visitors to the Co-op for events in the common rooms must stay on the 10th floor, except when they enter or leave the building or when they are with a Co-op member.

b.      Dancing is not allowed, except during Co-op-sponsored events to which all residents are invited.

c.      Background music is allowed with these conditions:

              i.      Audio speakers must not be on the floor.

            ii.      The volume must be kept low enough that the music cannot be heard by members in their units or by the Co-op’s neighbours.

d.      Move furniture as quietly as possible by lifting it. Do not drag furniture.

e.      Smoking is allowed on the roofdeck but not within 3 metres (10 feet) of any door, window or air intake. Common rooms, hallways, stairwells, lobbies, elevators, garage, washrooms, kitchen, and offices are designated non-smoking areas.

f.        Children under 12 years of age must be supervised by adults when using the common rooms, hallways, and roofdeck.

g.      Running on the roofdeck is not allowed.

h.      Throwing things on or from the roofdeck is not allowed.

i.        Food and drinks are not allowed in the hallways, except when being taken to or from the common rooms or the kitchen.

j.         Sparklers are not allowed indoors because they set off the fire alarm.

k.      Fireworks are not allowed anywhere in the Co-op, including on the roofdeck.

l.         Put out candles by pinching or dousing them. Do not allow them to smoke. Smoke sets off the fire alarm.

m.    Renters may use the fireplace if they follow the safety instructions posted on the wall beside the fireplace. Read these carefully before starting a fire. Only artificial logs are allowed.

n.   Renters may not put tape on ceiling tiles. Renters may use masking tape on metallic, plastic, and painted surfaces. Tape must be removed carefully.